Visionsbild ny spårvagn linje 8

The Board of Göteborgs spårvägar has decided what the new trams, which will begin operating in 2019, will look like. The exterior of the new M33 model is similar to the M31 and M32 models, with Gothenburg’s traditional blue and white combination. The interior of the tram is in soft colours and the seats are grey.

Insidan av en spårvagn. Grå säten.

Photo: Bombardier

Safety and accessibility requirements

The design of the trams, which was approved in June, is based on safety and accessibility requirements. These cover boarding and alighting, passenger areas and the positioning of seats and functional areas for wheelchairs and pushchairs, for example.

Manufacturing begins in early 2018

The new trams will start to be produced in early 2018. The first trams will undergo six months of test running in Gothenburg in spring 2019 before the remaining trams are built.

Published 2018-02-13
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