New urban bus terminal in Skövde

To make things easier for residents and passengers, the urban bus terminal in Skövde has been undergoing redevelopment for about a year. During this time, the urban bus terminal has had temporary stops but the terminal is now set to be ready soon. From Monday 23 October, all urban buses will once again operate from the redeveloped terminal at Skövde travel centre.


Stop B

  • Line 6 to Stallsiken-Ryd
  • Line 7 to Hentorp

Stop C

  • Line 2 to Sjukhuset 
  • Line 3 to Ryd

Stop E

  • Line 12 to Sjukhuset 
  • Line 13 to Sjukhuset Train replacement

Stop F

  • Line 1 to Ryd-Sjukhuset
  • Line 4 to Trädgårdsstaden
  • Line 10 to Ryd-Sjukhuset

Stop G

  • Line 1 to Skultorp
  • Line 4 to Hasslum
  • Line 10 to Hentorp-Skultorp
  • Line 12 to Skultorp
  • Line 13 to Skultorp
Published 2018-02-13
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