Västtåg kör genom landskap med träd och en sjö.

We have already stopped accepting cash on both buses and trams. Now it is the turn of our trains. In recent years, the number of train passengers paying in cash has fallen dramatically. By no longer accepting cash, we are providing a safer working environment for our staff and we will have more time to provide service to our customers.

This change will be introduced on 7 January, at the same time as Västtrafik’s prices change. You will still be able to pay for tickets in cash on two of Västtågen’s train routes for a little while longer.*

How to buy tickets on the train

For those of you who used to pay our train conductors in cash, there are many other ways of buying a ticket. With our Västtrafik To Go app, for example, you can buy tickets whenever and wherever you want. You will also still be able to pay by card on the train.

*Exceptions with cash payment

  • Borås–Varberg. Viskadalsbanan is shared between Västtrafik and Hallandstrafiken. From 7 January, you will no longer be able to buy Västtrafik period tickets or top up your pay-as-you-go account on board, whether you are paying by cash or payment card. You will still be able to buy Västtrafik single tickets if you are paying by card. For a transitional period, you will be able to pay in cash when topping up Hallandstrafiken’s period cards and reskassa and buying Västtrafik single tickets. This option will also be phased out in the future.
  • Töreboda–Falköping–Jönköping–Nässjö. This route is shared between Västtrafik and Jönköpings Länstrafik. You will no longer be able to pay for Västtrafik products in cash on this line. Within Västra Götaland county, you can only pay in cash if you are topping up JLT’s reskassa or buying the period ticket Jönköpings län + Väst. Within Jönköping county, you will also still be able to pay in cash, provided you are buying one of JLT’s products. The county boundary between Västra Götaland and Jönköping county is between Sandhem and Falköping.
Published 2018-02-13
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