Reflectors are brilliant!

A big thank you to all of you who wear reflectors when you are out in the hours of darkness. This makes it much easier for our drivers to see you at the stop. During October, we are offering you the chance to have your own Västtrafik reflector.

If you are wearing a reflector, you can be seen at a distance of 125 metres

In the dark, the human eye finds it difficult to make out contrasts, even on well-lit streets. As soon as dusk falls, the risk of accidents increases. If you are wearing a reflector, you can be seen at a distance of 125 metres when a bus or car approaches. This distance is a good five times longer than your visibility without a reflector.

As important in towns and cities as in the country

Reflectors are just as important in towns and cities as they are in the countryside. Most accidents involving pedestrians happen in built-up areas with street lights. Street lighting means that you can see, but it does not mean that you can be seen.

Västtrafik is giving out reflectors

During October, we are giving out reflectors at various hubs in Västra Götaland. 

Some of the places where you have a chance to get a reflector:

  • Monday 23 Oct: Partille and Mölndal
  • Tuesday 24 Oct: Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen and Heden
  • Wednesday 25 Oct: Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen and Angered
  • Thursday 26 Oct: Angered centrum and Mölndal centrum in the morning and Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen and Partille in the afternoon
  • Friday 27 Oct: Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen and Angered
Published 2018-02-13
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