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Stenpiren travel centre nominated for prestigious award

The stop used to be called Rosenlund but following a major overhaul with a focus on the future, Stenpiren travel centre has now been nominated for the award for best outdoor environment by the Sienapriset jury*.


The reasoning behind the nomination

“Care has been taken with even the smallest detail: the orientation of the stones, the treatment of the wood, the fixing of the screws – nothing has been left to chance. A difficult urban development task has been given a neat solution that is clearly well positioned and Gothenburg has a new and attractive urban environment.”

Stenpiren travel centre is described as an important part of the development of the city’s public transport. The redeveloped area also includes local buildings, streets, squares, a large park and a quayside walk with wharves and jetties.

Four outdoor environments, of which Stenpiren is one, have been nominated and the winner will be revealed at the Architecture Gala on 28 November.

*The jury for the Sienapriset is selected by the Landscape Architecture Academy of Architects Sweden.

Published 2018-02-13
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