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Stenpiren travel centre won the Sienapriset 2017

Stenpiren travel centre in Gothenburg has won the Sienapriset 2017, Architects Sweden’s prize for the best landscape architecture project. One of the reasons for this is that Stenpiren travel centre contributes to the development of a previously inaccessible area of the city. 

The jury’s verdict  

“In Gothenburg’s continued work to make the river accessible for all and to develop the city’s spaces, the new travel centre at Stenpiren has been given its clear character. The design of the space is sympathetic to the city landscape and the scale of the large water area is balanced with well-considered additions. A complex situation has been given a simple and straightforward solution and has been realised down to the smallest detail.”

Stenpiren Travel Centre is the work of Sweco Architects and the City of Gothenburg. Västtrafik commissioned the building.

Second win for Stenpiren

This is the second time that Stenpiren Travel Centre has won an award. It has previously won at the Future Transport Awards while it was still being constructed. Stenpiren Travel Centre is located at Stenpiren near Skeppsbroplatsen in Gothenburg. Construction began in 2014 and the new hub was ready for opening in February 2016. The travel centre is part of the new urban development at Södra Älvstranden, where an entire district is being developed with housing, businesses and meeting places.

About the Sienapriset

The Sienapriset has been awarded by Architects Sweden since 1987 and is given to a recently completed building and its architect.

The prize takes the form of a plaque, which is mounted on the project. The architect also receives a three-day study trip to Siena in Tuscany. 

Published 2018-02-13
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