Isabel is an engine driver

After several years working as a staff nurse, Isabel Blomström decided to change career and become an engine driver. A decision she doesn’t regret. 

Isabel Blomström

Age: 27.
Lives: Linné.
Profession: Engine driver.
Travels by: Public transport.
Interests: Travel, cooking, baking, interior design and spending time with family and friends.
Reads: Novels.
Listens to: Anything and everything.

Great people, good salary and cool vehicles

Isabel Blomström grew tired of working as a staff nurse, as the job was both overburdening and poorly paid. 

“I wanted a change of career and happened to see that you could train as an engine driver. This was not something I had ever considered, but there has to be someone driving the train.” 

Started work in 2014

The application process took several months and Isabel had to do a few tests online first. 

After about 1.5 years, Isabel was a fully trained engine driver and in early 2014 she got a job at SJ Götalandståg and now drives commuter trains and regional trains for Västtrafik. 

“The best thing about my job is driving the trains of course, it’s so cool. There’s also the social side, with lots of friendly colleagues, and the salary is really good too.” 

Beautiful views at work

“I have lots of favourite routes. It’s an incredibly beautiful journey to Strömstad and I also really like driving to Alingsås and Borås.” 

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