Rustem loves the social aspect of being a bus driver

Rustem is chatty and loves people and he felt that working as a driver could be a good move for him.

“Work was fun. I felt like a happy bus driver. And I still do.” 

After more than 30 years in the job, he has driven practically every conceivable bus route in the Gothenburg area, at every possible time of day. And he has certainly seen and experienced a lot of things. 

These days, he mostly drives on line 100 to Borås, a line with a large number of people commuting for work and study. It’s more or less the same faces every day.

“We recognise one another and say hello. It’s nice.” 

What’s the best thing about the job?

“The social aspect. Being a good communicator. I talk to people and I am there to help if they have any questions. Or if they have a heavy bag they need to lift on board.” 

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