Ramen has found his dream job

After finishing his primary education, Ramen Michael went to the transport school in Kungsbacka.

“I love driving, so I trained as a bus driver and got a job as soon as I left school.” 

Ramen started working for Göteborgs Spårvägar in 2011 and has also previously worked for Nettbuss when they operated the bus services at Hisingen. 

“It was when I was working as a bus driver that I started to dream of working in traffic control. I thought it seemed really interesting and exciting to be planning the services at the Nils Ericson Terminal.” 

Ramen started working as an information officer and terminal host at the Nils Ericson Terminal in April 2013. Later, in November that same year, he joined traffic control. 

“I was given in-service training to learn how everything works. As traffic controllers, we help around 1,600 departing and arriving buses every day.” 

Always lots to do

Ramen works irregular hours and traffic control is staffed 24 hours a day. 

“I’m really enjoying it, both the job and working with my colleagues. There’s always something new happening and situations that need to be resolved. It only takes a couple of buses to be delayed to affect services for the rest of the day.”

Digital information

Ramen receives calls from various drivers and the traffic controllers of the different bus companies.

“We also have information available on the digital informa
tion screens in the terminal and we make announcements over the loudspeaker when necessary.”

Apply for a job as a traffic controller

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