Pay as you go cards for business

Here, your company can buy pay as you go-cards. You can also buy vouchers which you can use to refill the card. Order via a form and send to us via e-mail.


You choose how much money to load onto the card.

Order Pay as you go-card 

To order, you need to provide your customer number on the form.

Become a customer -if you do not have a customer number

Order pay as you go-card

Refill the card

Order vouchers via the form above if you want to refill. Use voucher in a store to refill the card.


The tickets will be delivered within 7 days from your order.

Ticketing Info

You can use pay-as-you-go for travel on our trains, buses, trams and ferries. You can travel as much as you like during your ticket’s validity period. This ticket is not valid only for a specific departure.

Activating your ticket

Pay-as-you-go tickets are activated when you hold the card against the card reader. 

How long a pay-as-you-go ticket is valid for

One zone: 90 minutes from when you check in.

Multiple zones: 90 minutes in the first zone, then 90 minutes from when you check out in each new zone, provided you do this within 180 minutes of beginning your journey.

Loss of guarantee means that you can block a card if you lose it and get a new card with the same value that was left when you lost it.

Here's how to get loss guarantee:

  1. Log in on the buisness portal.
  2. Register your companys Västtrafik card

If you lost a card:

  1. Log in on the buisness portal.
  2. Locate the card you lost
  3. Block the card
  4. We will send you a new card with the same value that was on the card then you lost it

Frequently asked questions

Use the form on this page to buy a new period.

No, it is not possible at present.