Expenses for taxi or car

If you become 20 minutes late, you can choose to take a taxi or car instead of waiting for the next departure and receive compensation for it.

Application for compensation

Highest compensation by taxi or car: 1150 SEK

Tips, share taxi!

The maximum compensation is calculated per person when you travel by taxi. This means that two people can ride taxi of 2300 SEK.

If you are travelling with your own car is the highest compensation 1150 SEK regardless of how many people went with.

Apply now by submitting the form

Use the form below to apply for compensation. Attach meter receipt in original.

Compensation for delay for taxi or car (pdf, opens in new window)

Save the form before completing it.

If you take your own car during a delay, you can be reimbursed for congestion charges and parking fee.

Two ways of providing evidence of congestion charge expenses:

  • Enclose a copy of the payment form from the Swedish Transport Agency when you submit the above form. Make sure you copy both the front and the back of the form.
  • Enclose an extract from the Swedish Transport Agency’s register on its website when you submit the above form.

Expenses for parking fee:

  • Parking fee must be substantiated with receipts.