How does Västtrafik act on the corona virus?

We follow developments closely and act on the basis of the information and guidelines that come from the Public Health Agency od Sweden and other authorities.

We are making measures to ensure that journeys are as safe as possible.

Measures to reduce the spread of infection:

  • More traffic in rush hour to reduce on-board congestion.
  • Information on vehicles, shops and travel centres.
  • We've put protective glass in our stores' checkouts.
  • Announcements on vehicles that inform to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • On buses and trams, the front doors are closed and the area closest to the driver is closed.
  • Ticket inspectors has a face mask during ticket control.
  • Ticket inspectors and customer hosts offer hand liquor to travelers.
  • You can not buy a ticket from the driver.
  • Informants at stops help customers keep their distance and inform about the next departure to spread travel on more vehicles.
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