How is Västtrafik planning my healthcare travel, travel services or school taxi to minimize the risk of infection?

Västtrafik has introduced so-called individual travel for healthcare travel and travel services. This means that each traveller orders their trip as usual but travels alone in the vehicle. This decision will continue to not affect day and care travel, nor school taxis or Ronden. Travellers to day and care activities and travellers who are travelling to schools should only travel when they are symptom-free.  

At the moment it is not possible to book a healthcare trip or a travel service in the front seat. Closing the front seat is not something that the Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends at present, this measure has been taken to reduce the anxiety that many drivers feel so they feel safe and can continue to do their important work. Travelers who have been given permission to travel in the front seat will be offered to travel in the back seat. If the traveller declines, the trip cannot be booked under the current situation. Trips for students who normally travel in the front seat will be rescheduled for the time being so that the student is instead placed in the back seat. We are working as quickly as we can to reschedule the trips. This applies until further notice.

We are doing our best to work with our transport companies to create as safe a travel as possible during the current situation. 

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