This is how it works

If you are on board a vehicle, you can report through three buttons in the Travel planner how crowded it is around you. When other travelers search for a journey, your report and other travelers reports will be displayed. This is meant as a help for you and others to decide whether to board or wait for a vehicle with less people on.

Three different levels

You can choose from the three levels below when reporting crowding.

crowding-none-border.svg Not crowded – Many vacant double seats

crowding-some-border.svg Some crowding – Some vacant double seats

crowding-much-border.svg Crowded - No vacant double seats

There is also a state that shows that no one has reported current crowding on the vehicle yet.

crowding-no-information-border2.svg No crowding information

Good to know about the test:

  • You can report crowding no erlier than ten minutes before the vihecle is expected to deport from your stop. 
  • Your report is valid for 10 minutes before it is deleted
  • Data on how crowded it is on board based on travellers' report
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