Test with bike rental in Borås

Västtrafik would make it easier for our customers to combine different means of travel to make sustainable travel choice. Starting in 2018, we may do a test together with the city of Borås to see if there is interest for bicycles.

The test runs until 2018 winter and caters primarily to working commuters, but anyone can rent a bicycle. The 50 bikes is domiciled at Borås travel Center, where there are particularly marked hyrcykelplatser. 10 of the bikes are electric-powered.

Download an app to rent a bike

Rentals are equipped with electronic locks from Donkey Republic opened using their app for mobile phones.

Download the app Donkey Republic to rent a bicycle:

App Store

Google Play

How to rent a bike

To use the bikes, you first need to install the app on your phone and register.

  1. Book a bike in the app. The rental period begins. The bike is now registered to you and only you can unlock it. Lock up the bike with the app.
  2. Ride wherever you want. Lock your bike by hand when you park it. Feel free to use the chain to lock it in a rack or a pole.
  3. Lock up the bike with the app again.
    Steps 2 and 3, you can repeat any number of times.
  4. Return and lock the bike to hyrcykelparkeringen at Borås travel centre. Quit rent by pressing "End" Rental "in the app. Bike rental fee is deducted from your credit card. The cycle can now be booked by others.


Normal cycle: 50 SEK/day

Electric bicycle: 100 SEK/day

To think about

Please note that you are responsible for the cycle during the rental period. Cycle gently and locks the bike every time you park it. Return the bike before hyrdygnets end, otherwise a new rental period on one day.

Inspired by the Netherlands

The test in Borås lasts about six months as part of Sweden's work in the combined mobility. The aim is to learn more about services where multiple färdslag can be combined to suit the customer's needs and situation. The inspiration for this test, we downloaded from the Netherlands and how they work with bicycle rental as a natural part of public transport.