Timetable for the Koster boats

Search for a trip to, from and between Koster islands in the travel planner to get real-time timetables and information about possible traffic disruptions.

Search for a trip with the Koster boats in the travel planner

Prices Strömstad - Koster Islands


One-way ticket at ticket machine and on board: SEK 82

Single ticket in the Västtrafik To Go app: SEK 68

Pay as you go: SEK 68

Return ticket: SEK 136

Youth (7-19 years)

Single ticket: SEK 62

Pay as you go: SEK 51

Return ticket: SEK 104

Bicycle on the Koster boats

You can bring a bike on board if there is room.

Bike one-way ticket: SEK 50

Bike return ticket: SEK 90

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