Kosterbåtarna-line 899

Kosterbåtarna run from Strömstad and Koster Islands. Here you will find kosterbåtarna schedule, prices and information about to take by bicycle.

Schedule for Kosterbåtarna

Kosterbåtarna has a timetable that applies to winter and a timetable that applies to the summer.

Kosterbåtarnas schedules

Search your trip in the trip planner

Search for journeys to, from and between the Koster Islands in the journey planner to get times in real time information about any service disruption.

Search travel by kosterbåtarna in trip planner

Buy your ticket

You can pay in the following ways:

  • Buy a ticket in the app Västtrafik To Go
  • Buy a ticket at a ticket vending machine at the boat landing
  • Buy a ticket by staff on Board on board
  • Pay by debit charge on board

Bike on Kosterbåtarna

You can bring your bicycle onboard if space is available.

Bicycle ticket (one way): 45 kr

Bicycle tickets round-trip: 80 kr