How to lend your ticket

  1. Log in to the Västtrafik To Go app.
  2. iPhone: Tap "My Account". Android: Tap the three bars in the top left corner.
  3. Tap "Lend ticket".
  4. Enter the recipient's phone number.
  5. Send the text message.

To lend your period ticket with the Västtrafik To Go app, you must be logged in to the app. You can lend 30-, 90- or 365-day period tickets. The recipient of a borrowed ticket needs to have the Västtrafik To Go app installed on their phone.

The loan is valid only when the ticket is visible in the recipient's unit. When the ticket is received, it is on loan until 04:00 the following day and the ticket will automatically return to you at 04:00.

  • You can lend the ticket an unlimited number of times, but to a maximum of five different recipients per ticket.
  • If the recipient is logged in to the app at the time of lending, it is counted as the same recipient, even if the person changes their phone or reinstalls the Västtrafik To Go app.
  • A person who isn't signed in to the app counts as a new recipient if they reinstall the app.
  • If you have several period tickets, you can only lend the ticket that expires first.
  • It is not allowed to lend period tickets for financial compensation.
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