Requirements on sustainable fuels in procurement

Sustainable fuels are fuels that have low or no environmental impact. 96 percent of the Västtrafik transport runs today with sustainable fuels and we of course aim at 100%.

-When we procure services we demand that those who run for us to use fuels that reduce carbon footprint, that is, sustainable fuels. With the help of carriers that run at us, we are reducing in other words gradually on the climate, "says Hannah Björk.

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Increased electrification

One thing is for sure, in the future, we need to run more public transport on electricity. A new law says that fuel companies must blend in more renewable fuels in gasoline and diesel. There is a risk that there will be a shortage of such as HVO and RME when even cars and trucks tanked with them.

-To the sustainable fuels should be sufficient need a greater share of public transport running on electricity. If we run on electricity in the cities, the sustainable fuels are allocated so that other traffic also becomes more sustainable, Says Hannah Björk.

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Nordic cities far forward

The capitals of the Nordic countries are very far forward in this area.
-Oslo is brave. They set high standards in contracts and negotiate smart when they must decide who will run their traffic.

Västtrafik is dedicated to become really good at driving sustainable and we have already come a long way.

Target 2006 – 2020: reduce carbon emissions by 80 per cent. We have already been reduced by 70 percent.

Proposed Target 2020-2035: reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 90 percent

Dream scenario: precedence in traffic and Swedish-made fuel

If she wishes to Hanna freely in the future to fuel that Västtrafik run with made in Sweden.

-A dream scenario is to only run with electricity and biogas and fuel types are made in Sweden. It gives a bit of climate impact and we will reduce the risk that the fuel manufactured in a way that is not in accordance with our values.

Hanna also explains that she hopes that public transport should always have priority in relation to other traffic. It would reduce idling and increase the attractiveness of the travellers, they feel that they are a priority.

-The wasted much fuel if we don't come up with buses in town.

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