Mariestad day tickets

1 days Västtrafik To Go 115 SEK
1 days Västtrafik To Go 85 SEK
3 days Västtrafik To Go 230 SEK
3 days Västtrafik To Go 170 SEK

Where the ticket is valid

Zones: Mariestad tätort, Mariestad
Map with zones

If you are over the age of 20 and have an adult period ticket, three people under 20 can travel with you for free. Great for those travelling together!

How the offer works

  • The offer is valid for period tickets for adults, senior citizens and 24-hour and 72-hour tickets.
  • It is valid on Västtrafik’s trains, buses, trams and ferries
  • It is valid on journeys made by Närtrafik and Närbuss
  • It is valid on Öresundståg trains between Gothenburg and Åsa.