Chalmers card

The Chalmers card is for the staff and students of Chalmers University of Technology. The card is valid on lines 16, 16x and 55 for one semester at a time. It is cheaper than our standard period tickets. 

Ticket for students and employees

The Chalmers card is for people studying for at least 15 credits at Chalmers University of Technology and for its employees. 


Spring semester 2019

Price: 325 SEK

Period: 7 January 2019-August 31, 2019

Spring term Chalmers cards are available for sale from January 4.  

Things you need to carry with you on your journey

  • Ticket
  • Evidence of study or employment
  • Identification


Acceptable forms of evidence: Mecenat card stating Chalmers student union, receipt for paid union fee from Chalmers student union, temporary union card from Chalmers student union and Chalmers employee pass with photograph.

Ticket info

The Chalmers card is a Västtrafikkort with a Chalmers credit. The card is available only to staff and students studying at least part time (15 credits per semester) at Chalmers University of Technology.

A Chalmers credit is a semester-based period ticket that is valid 24 hours a day on lines 16, 16X and 55. Employees are only permitted to use the card for travel on business. Your Chalmers credit is personal to you and you must write your name on the back of the card at the time of purchase. At a ticket inspection, you must be able to show personal identification as well as evidence that you work or study at Chalmers University of Technology.

This credit is not eligible for Västtrafik’s accompanying passenger offer. A refund is only provided if you are entitled to one under the Swedish Act on the Rights of Public Transport Passengers.

If your studies or your employment end, you are no longer entitled to travel using the Chalmers credit. If you have pay-as-you-go or another Västtrafik product on your Chalmers card, you can continue to travel using this product.

Full terms and conditions of purchase and travel

If you lose your Chalmers card, you can get back any money remaining on it. All you need to do is register your ticket here on our website first.

To block a lost card: Log in and block the card. A new card containing the same credit will then be sent to your home address.