Chalmers card

The Chalmers card is for the staff and students of Chalmers University of Technology. The card is valid on lines 16, 16x and 55 for one semester at a time. It is cheaper than our standard period tickets. 

Ticket for students and employees

The Chalmers card is for people studying for at least 15 credits at Chalmers University of Technology and for its employees. 


Spring semester 2019

Price: 325 SEK

Period: 7 January 2019-August 31, 2019

Spring term Chalmers cards are available for sale from January 4.  

Things you need to carry with you on your journey

  • Ticket
  • Evidence of study or employment
  • Identification


Acceptable forms of evidence: Mecenat card stating Chalmers student union, receipt for paid union fee from Chalmers student union, temporary union card from Chalmers student union and Chalmers employee pass with photograph.

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