Senior card

Many municipalities  in Västra Götaland offer a Senior citizen card for their older residents. The Senior citizen card is free and you can use it to travel free of charge in the municipality where you live.

The municipality pay for the card

The municipality pays the senior card for you. In some municipalities, you will need to pay a one-time fee for the card.


If you live in a municipality that offers senior card you will receive a letter a few weeks before you turn 65 or 75 years. After you receive the letter, you can order a card.

The municipality decide whether to offer senior card from 65 years, or 75 years.

Order senior card


Age: From 75 years

Area: Karlsborg municipality zone

Validity: Around the clock

Lines: All Västtrafik's lines and Närtrafik. Does not apply for travel with Flextrafik.

How to use your card on board

Travelling using your Senior citizen card: Hold your Senior citizen card against the card reader when you board the vehicle. Done!

Travelling using your Senior citizen card with pay-as-you-go on the card:

1. Press the button marked T.

2. Hold your card against the card reader.

3. Hold the card against the card reader again when you leave the vehicle. 

Repeat this whenever you change vehicles. 

More information about how the card reader works

Things you need to carry with you on your journey

  • Senior citizen card
  • Identification
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