With a Fritidskort you can travel as much as you like in the afternoons, school holidays and weekends for 100 days. The card is valid for young people under the age of 20. 


100 days: SEK 810

Where the card is waild

The Fritidskort is valid throughout Västra Götaland and Kungsbacka municipality. 

Times when the card is valid

  • Weekdays. 14.00-04.00
  • 24 hours at weekends
  • 24 hours during school holidays

School holidays when the card is valid

Fall break: October 30-november 3, 2017
Christmas break: december 23 January 2017 2018-14
Sports break: 11 February-3 April 2018
Easter holiday: March 26-april 8, 2018
Walpurgis night: 30 april 2018
Day after Ascension Day: May 11, 2018
Summer break: 1 June-31 August 2018

Here you can buy

Fritidskort from school

Some municipalities provide their schoolchildren with a Fritidskort each. Contact your school to find out if they offer this or when the card is valid. 

Frequently asked questions about Fritidskort

You can top up your Fritidskort with money. This is called pay-as-you-go. You can pay using pay-as-you-go at those times of day when your Fritidskort is not valid.

You can top up your card with pay-as-you-go at ticket offices selling our tickets.

Yes, you can lend your Fritidskort to someone who is under the age of 20. 

Some schools provide their students with a Fritidskort they can use during the summer and Christmas holidays. Contact your school or municipality for more information about these Fritidskort.  

Ticket info

Fritid 100 dagar is a period ticket for young people. It is valid for 100 days for unlimited travel with Västtrafik, excluding Ronden, on weekdays between 2 pm and 4 am and 24 hours a day at weekends and during school holidays.

The ticket must be activated within 180 days of purchase. It must be activated before the young person reaches the age of 20 and can then be used for the full 100 days.

Full terms and conditions of purchase and travel

If you lose your ticket, you can get back any value remaining on it. All you need to do is register your ticket with us first.

If you have a ticket on a Västtrafikkort

  1. Create an account
  2. Register your card.
  3. If you lose your card, log in and block it. A new card will then be sent to your home address.

If you have a ticket in the Västtrafik To Go app

  1. Create an account in the Västtrafik To Go app.
  2. The period ticket you have bought in the app is registered when you log in to the app.
  3. Log in to the app from your new phone if you lose your old one. Your ticket will move to your new phone and no longer be available on your old phone.
  • SJ trains in 2nd class (excluding high-speed trains, night trains and InterCity trains) on the following routes: Uddevalla-Trollhättan-Gothenburg, Gothenburg-Åmål, Gothenburg-Skövde-Töreboda, Gothenburg-Ed and Gothenburg-Borås-Hestra

  • SJ High-Speed trains in 2nd class on the route Strömstad-Uddevalla

  • Tågab trains in 2nd class on the routes Gothenburg-Herrljunga-Falköping-Skövde-Töreboda and Gothenburg-Trollhättan-Öxnered-Åmål.

  • NSB trains in 2nd class on the Gothenburg-Trollhättan-Öxnered-Ed route. This card is not valid as part payment for onward travel with NSB.

  • Öresundståg trains in 2nd class on the route Gothenburg-Kungsbacka-Åsa.

  • DVVJ railbus on the route Bengtsfors-Mellerud

  • Ringlinien vintage trams.

  • Line 615 on the route Frillesås-Bua-Varberg. Also valid for onward travel within the arrival zone.

  • Line 777 (Västtrafik/Hallandstrafiken) on the route Kungsbacka-Åsa-Frillesås-Bua-Varberg. Also valid for onward travel within the arrival zone.

Validity receipt instead of card reader

There are no card readers on these lines. You must carry the validity receipt for the ticket with you to show that it is valid. You can obtain a validity receipt from a driver or from our ticket offices and sales points.