School card

If you are at primary or secondary school and have a School card, you can use it to travel on weekdays. The municipality where you live decides whether to issue you a School card. You can see what times the card is valid here or on the card itself. 

Where the card is valid

The times at which you can travel and the zones you can travel in are stated on your card. If you want to travel in more zones than are stated on your card, you can contact your school for more information about how to do this. 

Times when the card is valid

The card is valid on weekdays during those periods:

Spring semester: January 7 – June 18
Back to school fall semester: August 10 – september 15
Fall semester: August 10 to december 23

Read on your card to see the validity-times. 

Season-ticket which is valid all days

There are school card that is valid every day except holidays.

School holidays when the School card is valid

  • Sports break
  • Easter holiday
  • Autumn holiday

FAQ School card

Contact your school office. They will help you to block the card and order a replacement card for you. 

School staff can buy a Student travel card through the school. A Student travel card enables students to travel together with a teacher between 8.30 am and 3 pm and between 6 pm and midnight. The journey is paid for afterwards. 

Information about Student travel for those who work in schools. 

If you are at primary or lower secondary school: You can travel to school without your card. When you arrive at school, go to the school office. They will give you a ticket for your journey home. 

If you are at upper secondary school: You need to buy a ticket in order to travel. 

Ticket info

School cards are owned by the school, are personal to the holder and their validity varies depending on the municipality.

School cards are not valid for travel with Ronden. The Kungsbacka School card is not valid for travel with Öresundståg trains.

The accompanying passenger offer does not apply to School cards, nor can they be used as part payment for travel with SJ and Tågab.

If you lose your School card, you should contact your school office, which will block your card and order a replacement.

If you are going to primary or lower secondary school and you leave your School card at home, you can still travel to school. At school, you should ask the school office for a “ticket for the journey home”.

If you go to upper secondary school and you leave your School card at home, you must pay for your journeys to and from school yourself.

If your School card is not working, you should ask the transport staff for help. If there is a problem with the card you will be given a temporary ticket. You should show this ticket to the school office, which will order a new card and give you a “Temporary School card” which you can use until your new card arrives.

Full terms and conditions of purchase and travel