Flexlinjen is for anyone who wants extra service. You travel in comfortable buses are easy to get off and on. The bus stops just where someone booked boarding or alighting.

Travel with flexlinjen

  • Travel with flexlinjen goes to and from specific stops known as meeting places.
  • Order by phone and tell you where you want to be picked up and where you are going. Beställningsmottagren will help you find suitable venues.
  • Select your state below for information about booking and rates.


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Flexlinjen Gothenburg

Sign up as a traveler

Sign up as a traveler at Gothenburg City website before booking your trip. If you have special transport permits, you are automatically notified.
Registration for flexlinjen Gothenburg

Book flexlinjen

Phone number: 031-41 96 90
Book a trip on the Web

Tickets and prices

  • You pay with Västtrafik's tickets. The price of the trip is the same as all other public transportation.
  • You cannot travel with Senior card.
  • You travel for free if you show special transport permit together with identification.

More about flexlinjen Gothenburg at Gothenburg City website

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