Närtrafik is public transport for people who want to travel between rural and urban areas. For example, if there are no buses where you live. Call to book!


Travelling by Närtrafik

  • You can travel from any address to one of the municipality’s Närtrafik stops or vice versa. The address must be located in the green area on the Närtrafik map.
  • Choose the time slot you want to travel in. 
  • Book by phone at least one hour before the time slot begins. You will be given a precise departure time when you book.
  • Be ready to leave at the departure time you are given. 
  • Sometimes you may find yourself travelling with other passengers. This may extend the journey time slightly. 


Information folders for printing

Select a municipality to see times, stops and maps



9.30 am–10.30 am
12.30 pm–1.30 pm
3 pm–4 pm
6 pm–7 pm
9 pm–10 pm
midnight–1 am*

*Friday night into Saturday and Saturday night into Sunday only 


Vara – Torggatan (Ica), Stora torget, Vara resecentrum,
Vara vårdcentral
Emtunga – Emtunga
Jung – Jung
Kvänum – Kvänum busstation
Stora Levene – Stenkilsgården, Stora Levene, Stora
Levene station
Vedum – Torggatan Vedum, Vedum station

Tickets and prices

Adult: SEK 43.
Youth: SEK 32 for youths. Children under 7 years old travel free when accompanied by a guardian.
Payment method: Cash or bank card.

Senior citizen card: if you have a Senior citizen card, you can use it for travel by Närtrafik. You can travel within the municipal zone in which your Senior citizen card is valid. 

Terms and conditions

All our vehicles are equipped with a booster seat that a child can borrow during the journey. You can bring your own booster seats with you if more than one child will be travelling.

Please bring your own child car seat and baby seat for children who need one. 


Please indicate when booking if you want to bring a pram or pushchair with you.


You can bring your pet with you on the journey if you mention this when booking. Pets must travel in a cage in the vehicle’s luggage area.


Please indicate when booking if you want to bring luggage with you. You can bring luggage with you that is no larger than two shopping bags.

Rollators and personal equipment

Please indicate when booking which equipment you want to bring with you, such as a rollator.