Ronden and hospital trip

Västtrafik’s hospital trip service is for people travelling for medical care who are unable to use ordinary public transport for medical reasons. You will travel together with other passengers on a Ronden hospital trip bus, by car or by special vehicle.


Ronden is a specially designed bus for travelers who goes to the big hospitals in the Västra Götaland region.

  • Order by phone at the latest one hour before you want to travel.
  • Talk about when ordering if you have a time to fit.
  • Pay to the driver when you get picked up.


Timetables for ronden

Price and tickets for Ronden

Credit card payment: 60 SEK

Tickets that apply: All our tickets except for School card, Fritidskort and Utökning Göteborg.

Travelling by car or special vehicle

If you need to travel by car or special vehicle for health reasons, you can do so instead of travelling by Ronden.

  • You must have a hospital trip certificate showing that your medical condition means you need to travel by car or special vehicle. You can obtain this certificate from your healthcare provider. 
  • You can book a planned hospital trip up to 14 days in advance, but no later than the day before. 

  • You can book a hospital trip for emergency visits 24 hours a day. 

  • Pay the driver when you are picked up. 

Price for travel by car or special vehicle

Price without transportation service pass: SEK 150

Price with transportation service pass: SEK 60 

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