On board – practical tips and rules

Find out here all about the rules on eating on buses, seat belts and the best place to put your bag. 

Eating and drinking

There’s no problem with you eating and drinking on board trains, as long as you do not disturb other passengers. On buses, trams and ferries you can eat basic food items such as fruit. You are not permitted to drink alcohol. 


We want to have a pleasant atmosphere and environment both on board and at our stops. Smoking is therefore not permitted on board our vehicles or in our shelters. Please move away from the shelter if you wish to smoke while you are waiting.

Bags and luggage

We know that sometimes you need to have bags or bulky luggage with you on your journey. There is no extra charge for luggage.

Luggage tips

  • For the benefit of other passengers, please do not put luggage on the seats. You can keep your luggage on your lap or place it under the seat or in the luggage area.
  • Stow your luggage so that it does not obscure the driver’s view or block emergency exits.


Seat belt

Seat belts must be used where these are provided on the vehicle.