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1. It takes too long

Cycling is often the fastest way to get around, especially for shorter distances and in cities. Behind the handlebars, you get from door-to-door. You don't have to look for parking and get stuck in traffic jams. In addition, you also contribute to preventing congestion in public transport. You will be surprised at how far you get in a short time with the bike as a means of transport. For example, a distance of 5 km allows you to cycle in 20 to 25 min. 

2. It rains and blows too much on the West Coast

There are good rain gear in all price ranges, which withstand both weather and wind. But most often your usual clothes are enough. A tip is to check the weather report before you set off. Is it cold outside? Dress layer-on-layer.

3. There are too many slopes where I live

Most of the uphills you can easily handle by switching down one or two notches. The more you ride, the stronger you become. And remember: does it go uphill in one direction, it goes downhill the other way.

    • Published 2022-11-18