The West Link Project and Västtrafik

The West Link Project is the name of a railroad to be built in a tunnel in Gothenburg. The railway construction began in 2018 and when completed you will be able to travel faster to, from and through the town. Västtrafik will build travel centres at the projects different stations in Haga, at the Central station and Korsvägen.

This is The West Link Project (Västlänken)

Offload and Connect

The West Link project allows more trains to and from Gothenburg and creates direct connections from more locations. The West Link project distributes travel and relieves the pressure from the city centre and Brunnsparken, which are currently overloaded. In addition, the project connects our train lines so that it will be easier to travel in the region.

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Travel centre for the future

Västtrafik builds travel centers

Västtrafik is responsible for building the travel centers at the stations Centralen, Haga and Korsvägen. Tracks, tunnels, platforms and everything else underground are built by the Swedish Transport Administration. The city rooms around the stations are built by the City of Gothenburg.

The constructions of The West Link project has already started. It will be another number of years before we start building the travel centers, but we already know approximately what you will be faced with.

The Central Station

This is the neighborhood that will change the most in the future. It may be hard to see in front of you now, but the area is becoming more metropolitan with dense, tall buildings. Lots of houses and offices will be built here and the new Hisings bridge will connect. The West Link project station Centralen will facilitate the flow of people through the various entrances.

We're building a travel center above the center of the station. The travel centre serves as a hub for transfer to other resorts but also public transport in Gothenburg.

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Korsvägen Station

Korsvägen is today dominated by car traffic that circulates around the public transport hub. The idea is that the area will be redesigned to give more space to public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

The West Link station is built under Korsvägen. We are building the travel centre on the site of today's traveler centre. We will fill both the ground floor and the intermediate level with different types of service.

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Haga Station

Haga is an older area where we will preserve today's design to a large extent. Above the station we are building a travel centre where we will be able to offer good transfer opportunities, bicycle garages, service and a safe environment. The station will be small in size but a major hub for public transport with commuter trains, regional trains, tram and bus routes. The popular line 25 and Rosa Express are examples of buses that will stop here.

This year, an architectural competition will be held on how the travel centre building and the surrounding area should look like.

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