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Show your ticket

On Västtrafik's buses you are required to get on through the front door and show your ticket. If you're bringing a pet, board through the front door and show your ticket before moving to the rear of the bus. If you have a stroller, wheelchair or walker, use the back doors of the bus (marked with orange frame) and show the ticket to the nearest ticket reader.

Exceptions are trams and the following bus lines in Gothenburg: 16-19, 25, 50, 52, 57-60, 62, 71, 73-78, 159, 167-168, 173, 178-179, 190. On these lines you can board through any door and you don't have to show your ticket to the driver, but you are required to show your ticket upon request from a ticket inspector.

When traveling by train, show the ticket to the train manager.


Make it a good habit to always show your Västtrafik-card to the card reader on board. This will help you check your balance and make sure the ticket is activated.

Remember to activate the card

It's easy to miss activating the ticket if you don't check it every trip. Keep in mind that the ticket is considered invalid if it is not activated, which means that you will have to pay a penalty fare in case of a ticket inspection.

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