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Taking your bicycle with you on board

  • You are not allowed to bring a regular bike on board buses.
  • Mini-bicycles, scooters and balance bicycles may be brought on board in a folded state and is included free of charge.

You may bring bicycles on all boat lines except line 879.  They should always be stored on deck.

In order for us to keep a safe distance on board, bicycles are loaded subject to availability. It is up to the staff to decide whether your bicycle can fit on board.

On the following lines, it costs extra:

Buy the bike ticket from the deck man.

  • You are not allowed to bring a regular bicycle on board trams.
  • A folded mini-bike, scooter and balance bike may be included free of charge.

  • You can bring your regular bicycle, folded mini bike, scooter and balance bike if there is room. There is no charge for taking a bicycle on board trains.  Please note that other rules apply when travelling with Hallandstrafiken on the route Veddige – Varberg – Veddige or with Jönköpings Länstrafik on the route Sandhem – Nässjö – Sandhem.
  • You can not bring a box bike or bicycle carts.
  • It is free to take a bicycle on Öresundståg on the Gothenburg route to Kungsbacka municipality (Åsa station) and vice versa.
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