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Västtrafik is responsible for public transport in western Sweden. Every day, over 400 000 customers choose to travel with our buses, trains, trams and boats. By developing and offering sustainable travel and smart services, we want to be the obvious choice when you travel. In this way Västtrafik contributes to the good life in Västra Götaland and to an attractive and competitive region.

This is what we do

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In close cooperation with our partners we develop public transport with the customer in focus. We enable residents to travel to work, school, and leisure activities and develop sustainable travel. We are simply a part of daily life and the future. Västtrafik's over 900 lines are run by partner companies.

Västtrafik's annual report (pdf, opens in new window)

Västtrafik's annual report, (pdf, opens in new window)

Västtrafik's sustainability report, (pdf, opens in new window)

Västtrafik's financial report, (pdf, opens in new window)

Part of the Västra Götaland region

Västtrafik AB is owned by the Västra Götaland region. The Regional Council decides on Västtrafik's budget and makes a regional transport programme that specifies how public transport should be developed in the long run. The overall goal is to double the travelling with Västtrafik from 2006 to 2025.

Västra Götaland region's Web site.

Västra Götalandsregionen

Västtrafik in one day

  • 947 000 trips in public transport
  • 7 000 travel with on demand traffic
  • 1 857 buses, trains, trams, 101 263 36 boats
  • The vehicles travel 47 500 kilometers, close to 12 laps around the Earth
  • The journey planner uses the 1 200 000 times

Management and Board of Directors

Lars Backström
Lars Backström
Roger Vahnberg
Roger Vahnberg
Senior Vice President
Pernilla Bergwall
Pernilla Bergwall
HR manager
Mikael Olsson
Mikael Olsson
Traffic manager
Maria Björner Brauer
Maria Björner Brauer
Head of Sales and Marketing
Camilla Holtet
Camilla Holtet
Head of Development
Sara Frank
Sara Frank
Financial Manager
Jarl Samuelsson
Head of delivery
Thom Birkeland
Head of IT

Peter Hermansson (M), Göteborg ordförande

Per Tenggren (S), Göteborg vice ordförande

Carina Gullberg (S), Otterbäcken

Åsa Karlsson (S), Munkedal

Yasin Abbes (S), Skene

Johan Nordin (S), Älvängen

Annika Håkanson (M), Lidköping

Kajsa Hamnén (M), Kållered

Jimmie Stranne (SD), Ljung

Glenn Ottosson (SD), Svenshögen

Louise Jeppsson (V), Göteborg

Elving Andersson (C), Uddevalla

Anders Fasth (KD), Västra Frölunda

Nanna Siewertz Tulinius (L), Lerum

Lotta Robertsson Harén (MP), Åmål

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