How to bring a pet on your trip

  • Keep the animal on a leash, in a cage or bag.
  • Your travels travel along with you without any surcharge.
  • Fur animals shall travel at the rear of the vehicle to make it easier for people who are allergic.
  • When travelling by train, fur animals must travel either at the front or at the rear.
  • When traveling by boat, pets must be on the port side (ie the right side) in the direction of travel of the boat.
  • På bussar går du och ditt djur ombord genom framdörren för att du ska kunna visa biljett innan ni går till den bakre delen av fordonet. Se bussar som är undantagna här.
  • On buses you and your pet board through the front door so you can show your ticket before moving to the back part of the vehicle. Some exceptions apply, see which buses you can board through the back doors.
  • Leave the animal on the floor to avoid fur sticking to the seats.
  • To make everyone feel safe on board, do not bring poisonous or dangerous animals with you.

Guide dog

A guide dog may always accompany on board even if there are already other animals on board. You can sit in any place you like.

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