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Companion service - help at stations

  • A uniformed companion (ex taxi driver) will meet you at the bus, boat, tram, train or meeting place and follow you to your connection for further travel.
  • Companion service is free of charge.
  • The companion can help you with 2 bags that together weigh a maximum of 20 kg.
  • The Companion never boards the vehicle and meets you outside.

Stations with companion service

Travel Assistance Card

If you are entitled for Transport service (Färdtjänst) in Västra Götaland, you can bring a friend/companion to help you with your journey. In order to do this, you need to apply for a travel assistance card. The card dosent cost anything  and applies to travel within the Västra Götaland region and Kungsbacka.

How traveling with a travel assistance card works

  • You pay for your trip with a period ticket, pay-as-you-go-card or single ticket.
  • You lend the travel assistance card to the person travelling with you. The person will then travel free of charge with the travel assistance card.
  • Show the travel assistance card to the card reader when you board.
  • The travel assistance card only applies in combination with another ticket.
  • When travelling on vehicles that do not have a card reader, you will need a validity certificate showing what is on the card. You can obtain a certificate of validity in our stores or at our agents.
  • The travel assistance card is valid throughout the Västra Götaland region.
  • The travel assistance card is not valid on the Marstrand ferry. Västtrafik's period tickets or single tickets that you can buy on Kungälv municipality's website are valid tickets on the ferry.
  • The travel assistance card is personal. Your name is printed on the card. Also bring id with you on the trip.
  • The travel assistance card is valid for two years, depending on how long the travel service certificate is valid.

To obtain a travel assistance card, you must prove:

  • That you are entitled for transport service (Färdtjänst) in one of the municipalities within Västra Götaland.
  • That you will be registered as a customer of Västtrafk.
  • That you agree to Västtrafk's handling of personal data.
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