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Before the journey

Plan your trip

The easiest way to plan your trip is with our Travel Planner. A service that finds the best itineraries.

Buy a ticket

Our tickets are valid on trains, buses, trams and ferries. Which ticket you need depends on how old you are, how often you travel and where you are going.

During the journey

What to do with your ticket on board

Find out how the card reader works, how to show your ticket and to whom.

Rules on board

Top tips on what you can bring with you on your journey and what to do with items such as wheelchairs and stollers. Is there a charge for bicycles? Can you bring your dog with you?

Changing services – how it works

Tips on what to do if your journey involves changing services. Is your ticket valid for the whole journey and where are the stops located?

After the journey

Compensation if you are delayed

If you become more than 20 minutes late due to us, we will give you compensation.

Guarantee in case of loss

Lost your ticket? Don’t panic – you can get it back. Register your ticket and you will be given a new one if you happen to lose it.

Lost property

It’s always annoying and inconvenient to find you have left something behind on board. We collect all items that have been left behind at our various lost property offices.

Talk to us

You want to talk to us? We'd love to talk to you!