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Älvsnabben and Älvsnabbare

Älvsnabben and Älvsnabbare are the two boat lines that take you across the Göta Älv. Line 285 Älvsnabben runs along the river with several stops both on Hisingen and the mainland, while line 286 Älvsnabbare only runs between Stenpiren and Lindholmspiren.

Line 285 Älvsnabben

Älvsnabben runs via the stops Lilla Bommens hamn (not during summer timetable) - Stenpiren - Lindholmspiren - Slottberget - Eriksbergs färjeläge - Klippans Färjeläge and back.

Timetable for line 285 Älvsnabben

Bike on Älvsnabben

There is room for bicycles on the fore deck on board at Älvsnabben. Guests can bring bicycles free of charge.

Line 286 Älvsnabbare

Älvsnabbare runs Monday-Friday between the stops Stenpiren and Lindholmspiren. Älvsnabbare is free of charge

Timetable for line 286 Älvsnabbare

Bike at Älvsnabbare

The boats Älveli and Älvfrida that drives on the route have plenty of room for bicycles. Guests can bring bicycles free of charge.

Price and tickets

On line 285 Älvsnabben, you can travel with all of Västtrafiks´ticket types.

  • Period ticket for Zone A
  • A day ticket for Zone A
  • Single ticket for Zone A

Price example for single ticket

The price of a single ticket differ depending on how you buy the ticket.

In the app Västtrafik To Go: SEK 35

With pay-as-you-go: SEK 35

In a store or on board: SEK 42

It is free to travel with line 286 Älvsnabbare that goes between Stenpiren and Lindholmspiren.

A green flag on the boat with the text "Gratisresa" characteris that the journey is free of charge.