Pre-register if you are more than 10 people

If you are more than 10 people who are going to travel together, we request that you pre-register your trip. By pre-registering a trip we can, within possible extent, reinforce with an additional bus. Reinforcement traffic is deployed if there are available vehicles and personnel. We always recommend making group trips during off-peak hours. 

Seating guarantee

Please note that a pre-registered trip does not mean we can guarantee space onboard. If you want a seating guarantee, you should contact your local bus company to rent a bus. Trips with regular services are always subject to availability. Bus companies that drive for us in Västra Götaland.

Trips that do not need to be pre-registered

Trips within the city traffic in Gothenburg, Partille and Mölndal should not be pre-registered. Nor do trips within city traffic in Borås, Skövde and Uddevalla need to be pre-registered. Larger groups can travel with regular scheduled services and are recommended to split into smaller groups if possible.

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