Three levels of how crowded it is on board

ico-crowding-level1.svg Usually not crowded = you will most likely be able to keep distance from other travelers.

ico-crowding-level2.svgUsually some crowding = there is a risk that you will not be able to keep your distance from other travelers.

ico-crowding-level3.svg Usually crowded = you will travel near other travelers.

ico-crowding-no.svg Forecast missing = we lack congestion data on the line.

How the feature works

The information displayed in the search result is a prognosis of when and where it can be crowded on the trip. The prognosis is based on travel patterns since several months. The information is updated once a week.


  • If a large group of people decide to travel with a line when they usually don't, it won't appear in the search result because the prognosis is based on previous trips.
  • Some lines lack information about how crowded it is on board.
  • The feature is under development and this means that the prognosis sometimes can display the wrong data. We develop the feature continuously to make it work as well as possible.
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