New zone structure in Västra Götaland

From 4 November, it will be easier to travel on public transport in Västra Götaland, as the 70 public transport zones are merged into three. This will make choosing the right ticket easier and fewer passengers will need to cross a zone boundary and check in and out.

The new zones are called A, B and C.



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What does this mean?


  • It will make choosing the right ticket easier.
  • Fewer passengers will cross zone boundaries and need to check in and out.
  • Tickets cost the same in all zones.
  • It will be possible to travel longer distances on one ticket.
  • The standardisation of the ticket range means some tickets will no longer be available.
  • It will be easier to commute using public transport in the region.

Period tickets will update automatically

The new ticket range will begin to apply at 4 am on 4 November. Period tickets purchased before the switchover will be valid in the new zones automatically. No tickets will need to be replaced.

New tickets for three zones

With the introduction of our new zones, we are also simplifying our ticket range. There will be single tickets and period tickets available for travel within one, two or three zones.

One zone:

A, B or C

Bild en zon A eller B eller C

Two zones:

A B or C D

Bild två zoner A B och B C

Three zones:


Bild tre zoner A B C

How much the new tickets cost

The new zones mean that ticket prices will change. Tickets will cost the same in all zones. Following prices are valid from 4 November this year. There will be no further price increase in January 2021.

Single tickets will work just as before and you can travel on our trains, buses, trams and ferries as usual. The only change is that the zones are different.

The new ticket prices are:
One zone, adult: SEK 34
One zone, youth: SEK 26

Two zones, adult: SEK 68
Two zones, youth: SEK 51

Three zones, adult: SEK 102
Three zones, youth: SEK 77

Tickets will be valid for the same length of time as before.
One zone: 90 minutes from when you buy or activate the ticket.
Two or three zones: 180 minutes from when you buy or activate the ticket.
It costs the same to buy a single ticket in the Västtrafik To Go app as on a Västtrafikkort. If you buy a single ticket in a ticket office or on board, it costs 20% more.

One zone, adult: SEK 110  Two zones, adult: SEK 220 Three zones, adult: SEK 330
One zone, youth: SEK 85 Two zones, youth: SEK 165 Three zones, youth: SEK 250



One zone, adult: SEK 220 Two zones, adult: SEK 440 Three zones, adult: SEK 660
One zone, youth: SEK 170 Two zones, youth: SEK 330 Three zones, youth: SEK 500


One zone, adult: SEK 795 Two zones, adult: SEK 1195 Three zones, adult: SEK 1825
One zone, youth: SEK 595 Two zones, youth: SEK 895 Three zones, youth: SEK 1370



One zone, adult: SEK 2145 Two zones, adult: SEK 3225 Three zones, adult: SEK 4930
One zone, youth: SEK 1610 Two zones, youth: SEK   2420 Three zones, youth: SEK 3700
One zone, adult: SEK 7950 Two zones, adult: SEK 11950 Three zones, adult: SEK 18250
One zone, youth: SEK 5950 Two zones, youth: SEK 8950 Three zones, youth: SEK 13700

30 days, adult: SEK 695 90 days, adult: SEK 1875 365 days, adult: SEK 6950
30 days, youth: SEK 520 90 days, youth: SEK 1405 365 days, youth: SEK 5200

Other tickets


You can read more here about some of the tickets that will be available in addition to the standard zone tickets.

Special period tickets will be available for four of the region’s urban areas: Borås, Skövde, Trollhättan/Vänersborg and Uddevalla. These tickets are valid within a limited area and are called Mini. They are valid for the same area as the current urban tickets. The Mini ticket for Borås is valid for Borås municipality.


You can buy a single ticket for travel across the county boundary by choosing a ticket valid for two zones. If you have a period ticket, the word “Extra” indicates that you have purchased a supplement. Tickets are valid on specific routes to the following counties: Jönköping Västra, Örebro Västra, Värmland Södra and Østfold Södra. You can also use an Extra ticket for travel to Varberg and Ullared in Halland County. These are combined tickets for the public transport systems of neighbouring counties and different prices therefore apply in the different counties.


There will be a fritidskort for young people under the age of 20 (the ticket was previously called Leisure 100 days).

The Resplus ticket covers the entire country – one ticket for your whole journey by train and connecting trains, regional buses, ferry services or urban services.

Senior citizen cards will be available for zones A, B and C. If you already have a senior citizen card, it will be updated to apply in the new zones automatically. No cards will need to be replaced. The rules for the senior citizen card will not change but the zone you can travel in will be larger than before, as the ticket is no longer limited by municipal boundaries.

School cards will be valid in the new zone, which is larger than the previous municipal zone. No cards will need to be replaced.

Kosteröarna are not included in zones A, B or C because they have special conditions and prices.

Special prices for single tickets apply between Strömstad and Koster, see price table. Koster are also included in the period ticket for zone C with 30, 90 and 365 days validity. Family ticket is available for families traveling before 9am and applies for return on the same day of departure from Strömstad for two adults and accompanying young people. School cards for zone C apply to the Koster Islands.

The special conditions for Koster depend on the special summer traffic of the resort.

Ticket prices for Strömstad-Koster: 

Single adult: SEK 68
Single youth: 51
ToR adult: SEK 136
Family ticket: SEK 260

More details about the zones

Zone A

Gothenburg, Partille, Mölndal and Öckerö.

Zone B

Ale, Alingsås, Härryda, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Lerum, Lilla Edet, Stenungssund and Tjörn.

Zone C

Bengtsfors, Bollebygd, Borås, Dals Ed, Essunga, Falköping, Färgelanda, Grästorp, Gullspång, Götene, Herrljunga, Hjo, Karlsborg, Lidköping, Lysekil, Mariestad, Mark, Mellerud, Munkedal, Orust, Skara, Skövde, Sotenäs, Strömstad, Svenljunga, Tanum, Tibro, Tidaholm, Tranemo, Trollhättan, Töreboda, Uddevalla, Ulricehamn, Vara, Vänersborg, Vårgårda and Åmål.

Frequently Asked Questions

So we can increase sustainable travel in Västra Götaland. The old boundaries have become an invisible and unnecessary obstacle in people’s everyday lives. It should be easy to choose public transport. As of 4 November 2020, there will be fewer tickets, fewer check-ins and check-outs, more standardised prices and larger zones to travel in.

This is an easy and cost-effective way of making such a major change. Having three zones that follow municipal boundaries means that no new boundaries are created, so people do not need to learn about any new zones.

All passengers travelling using pay-as-you-go will check in and out when travelling across zone boundaries, just as they do today. However, having fewer zone boundaries means that fewer customers will need to do this.

In the new, simpler ticket range, all prices will be based on the new zones. The range of tickets and prices will also be standardised across the region, which has not been the case up to now. This does mean that some special tickets will be withdrawn, but it also makes the range fairer. It will be the same for everyone throughout the region, as far as possible.

Prices will now be more standardised and tickets will cost the same in all zones.
An important principle when determining the new ticket prices is that they are based on the current price level, particularly with regard to period tickets, which are used for regular and frequent travel. It has been important for us to do this, even though it may mean higher prices for some. For many passengers, the difference in price will be marginal and quite a lot of people will actually pay less.

No, prices will not be increased again in January 2021.

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