How to travel with Local Services

  • You can travel from any address to any of the municipality's local service stops or vice versa.  However the address must be in the green area on the map of local services.
  • Please decide within what time interval you want to travel in.
  • Order your local services by phone at least one hour before the time interval begins. At the time of ordering you will get a precise departure time.
  • Be ready to leave at the departure time you are given. 
  • Sometimes you share rides with other travellers. This means that the travel time can be a bit longer.

Terms and conditions

All our vehicles are equipped with a booster seat that a child can borrow during the journey. If more than one child will be travelling you can bring your own booster seat.

Please bring your own child car seat and baby seat for children who need one. 


Please indicate when booking if you want to bring a stroller with you.


You can bring your pet with you on the journey if you mention this when booking. Pets must travel in a cage in the vehicle’s luggage area.


Please indicate when booking if you want to bring luggage with you. You can bring luggage with you that is no larger than two shopping bags.

Walker or other personal equipment

Please indicate when booking which equipment you want to bring with you. A personal equipment could for example be a walker.

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