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Terms and conditions


If your municipality allows you can bring your pet with you on the journey if you mention this when booking. Pets must travel in a cage in the vehicle’s luggage area. 

Please be aware that there may be animals on the vehicle if an accompanying passenger has brought a pet with them. 


Please indicate when booking if you want to bring a stroller with you.


Please indicate when booking if you want to bring luggage with you. You can bring luggage with you that is no larger than two shopping bags or a standard suitcase. 

Booster seat for children

The vehicle is equipped with a booster seat for one child. If more than one child will be travelling in the same vehicle, you must bring your own additional booster seat.

Walker or other personal equipment

Please indicate when booking which personal equipment you want to bring with you.

Fellow traveler: pays the same price as you. 
Companion: travels free of charge. Your transportation service certificate must state that a companion may travel with you on your journey.