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1. Find your own way

Do not set expectations too high, then it is easy to lose motivation. Maybe you don't need to cycle the entire distance at once?

If you want to take your bike with you on our trains and boats, it is possible subject to availability. 
This applies to bicycles on board.

Another option is to take the bike one way and then take public transport home. The next day, you do the opposite. However, it is often faster to cycle than many people think, a distance of 5 km you can cycle in 20 to 25 minutes.  A tip is to set goals to get started- maybe that you should cycle a certain number of days or kilometers in a month. 

2. Plan your trip

Even if you don't need to keep track of timetables or look for a parking space, it's good to plan a little. For example, what should the weather be like? Is there anything else that could affect travel time? 

When you search for your trip in Västtrafik To Go, you can now see cycling as an alternative. You can also easily plan the itinerary with the help of the Bicycle Travel Planner via trafiken.nu. You can see pumping stations, bicycle parking lots and current disturbances.

When you've been driving the same distance for a while, it can be a fun idea to find new ways. Maybe there is some road that is faster or maybe a little longer, but nicer to cycle?
The Bicycle Planner (trafiken.nu)

3. Equipment

Actually, only a helmet and bike are needed (with reflectors, lights and bell of course). Clothes according to the weather will make the trip a little more pleasant, even in the event of low winds and rain. Of course, there are lots of exciting accessories to buy. Start with what you already have, and gradually discover what would make your cycling life easier.

Cycling in the winter? 

Some choose to set the bike when the temperature drops. But by dressing in layer-on-layer and wearing good mittens, the trip becomes a perfect opportunity to move during the most tired period of the year.

As for the bike itself, it is perceived safer with studded tires, but this is not necessary. A budget option is to drive only with studded tires on the front wheel. Otherwise, wide tires provide good grip, even on snow.

    • Published 2022-11-18