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1. Less noise

Most noise comes from traffic, which negatively affects both health and quality of life. For example, in the form of increased stress and sleep problems.

When the buses run on electricity instead of with internal combustion engines, it contributes to a better sound environment. With less noise, we will hopefully be able to enjoy bird chirping and small talk instead. The city will simply be more pleasant for everyone to stay and live in, especially in city traffic where engine noise is a major cause of noise.

2. The air becomes cleaner

Our air is dirtier than it looks. Emissions from traffic lead to premature deaths, but also have negative effects on, among other things, the heart and blood vessels. But we can make a difference. If more people choose to travel sustainably by walking, cycling or travelling by public transport, emissions from road traffic will decrease, making the air a little easier to breathe. 

When the buses run on electricity, it is of course even better for air quality, as they do not emit any exhaust gases. In December 2020, we rolled out 145 new electric buses in Gothenburg, Mölndal and Partille. Together, they reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 14,500 tonnes per year. That's as much as 5,000 diesel cars emit in the same amount of time.  Good for the climate, right!

3. The city will be more pleasant to stay and live

Electric buses make a big difference for the residents of the city and contribute to a better living environment. The electric buses are both emission-free and quieter. It allows them to drive closer without disturbing, for example, in residential areas, at hospitals and shopping centers. All this will be part of creating more attractive cities.

4. Better working environment for our drivers

Electrified buses provide a better working environment for our drivers. Many drivers testify that they feel more alert after a working day compared to before. The reason is simply that the buses run quieter, have less vibration and are easier to drive.

5. More comfortable travel for you

When you travel with an electric bus, you will probably notice the differences compared to other buses. It will be both a quieter and softer experience, where you as a traveler can relax a little extra on the way to work, school or maybe just home.

In addition, it is of course nice for the conscience that sustainable travel takes us forward, today and into the future.

  • Published 2022-12-09