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Setting the car and choosing a more sustainable travel when you have the opportunity, makes a big difference to the environment. It also contributes to increased accessibility in the city and better health for residents in the form of lower noise and cleaner air.

There are many commuter parking lots around the region that make it easier for you who have a long way to the nearest stop. Many of the parking lots are popular, if you have the opportunity to cycle to the nearest hub, it is of course better than taking the car there. 

Map of all commuter parking in the region

Find commuter parking on your mobile
On vasttrafik.se in your mobile phone, you will find the map function with commuter parking in the menu bar under Travel planning, under the heading More about travel planning.


See the number of available parking spaces
Commuter parking lots at major hubs in the Gothenburg area show how many spaces are available right now. How long you can park and if it costs anything looks different between the commuter parking. This is because it is the municipalities that are responsible for the commuter parking.

Plan your trip
The best way to plan your trip is to use our app Västtrafik To Go. There you can also buy a ticket for the trip. Search by address or stop name. 
Travel plan and buy tickets in the Västtrafik To Go app

Discover the stops belonging to two zones
Since 2019, we have divided Västra Götaland into three ticket zones, A, B and C. They are often located on the border between two zones. Maybe you will find a commuter parking that is suitable for you with double zoning?
Double-zone stops

  • Published 2022-12-09