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To keep track of traffic changes and cancelled trains, there is a simple answer – search your trip in the Västtrafik To Go app or on vasttrafik.se. Even if you commute with about the same departure or tour every day, it's smart to seek the trip in advance. Then you will find out if there has been any traffic change on your line and hopefully you will avoid surprises at the stop.

Keep track of the train journey:

  1. Search your trip in the Västtrafik To Go app.
  2. If your departure is included in the search results, it should go as planned.
  3. Should the departure be cancelled at short notice, it will be shown as crossed out.
  4. Sometimes you can see a warning triangle on several departures. The triangle indicates that there is more information. It can be a retracted stop or suspended escalators on a certain platform along the route. Tap the triangle to learn more.
  5. If you are interested in planned and ongoing traffic changes, you can find them under traffic information on the start page.

Check out exactly where the bus and tram re right now:

  1. Search your trip in the Västtrafik To Go app.
  2. You can click on the trip you are about to go on to see where the vehicle is right now.
  3. Sometimes there is a warning triangle at your trip, then there is additional information to take part in. Tap the triangle to learn more.

Cancelled train departures and tours
The most common reasons for the cancellation of trains are due to planned works along the railway line. All maintenance is handled by the Swedish Transport Administration, which also notifies us which departures need to be canceled. We update the journey planner in To Go and on the web as quickly as we can and often deploy replacement buses or refer to other nearby public transport.

Delayed tours
The fact that our vehicles are delayed is usually due to unforeseen vehicle faults or accidents. The delay is visible when you apply for your trip and we also inform about the reason and any forecast for when traffic can run as planned. 

What traffic information can I expect to receive as a traveler?
You should receive information about delays and cancellations in To Go and on the digital signs on stops and platforms. You can read about major planned traffic changes on our website under traffic information. In the event of major traffic changes, you can also be met by an information officer on site. 

Reduced analog traffic information at stops
In the past, we have worked a lot with putting out signs and posters at our stops about upcoming changes. We still do this sometimes, but move more and more to informing in To Go. Partly to reach out with the information quickly and because analog information soon becomes out of date.

Future traffic information will be faster and individualized
We are constantly working to develop traffic information for you who travel with us. One goal is to become even better at communicating urgent changes. Going forward, we also want to be able to give you the opportunity to receive notifications in the app about your chosen lines.

Compensation in case of delay
If you are  over 20 minutes late, you can apply for travel expenses. 
Apply for travel expenses

  • Published 2022-12-14