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Cycling is a fantastic way to travel sustainably. When you choose the bike instead of the car, it is incredibly valuable for the climate but also for your health. Among the most important is to be visible in traffic. When it's dark outside, it's law on having lights and reflectors.

What you need to have on your bike

  • White lamp at the front that is visible at a distance of 300 meters.
  • Red light at the back that is visible from 300 meters away.
  • White reflex front.
  • Red reflex rear.
  • Orange-yellow or white reflexes on the sides.
  • If you use a bike trailer, it should have a red reflector at the rear or a bicycle light with a red light.

 Smart cycling tips

  • Bring your bike lights into the heat to save battery life.
  • Make sure you have a bell – there's law on it.
  • Inflate the tires with a little lower pressure than in summer, it provides better grip in winter.
  • Wear reflectors. They are best seen when in motion, such as at the bottom of the legs.
  • Reduce the speed a little as the braking distance will be longer when it is slippery.
  • It is safer to use the rear brake than the front brake which can easily give skidding.
  • Dress so that you freeze a little at the beginning, then you will be warm enough during the trip.
  • Remember the helmet!

Take care of the bike
When cycling in rain, gravel, mud, snow and salt, the bike may begin to rust. Therefore, it is good to wash and wipe it from time to time.  

  • Clean all parts of the bike with cloth and lukewarm water.
  • Lubricate the chain with bicycle chain oil. After oiling, wipe it with a clean cloth.
  • Check that the brake pads are not too worn down.
  • Check that the chain is sufficiently taut (it should not be possible to pull more than 1 cm up or down).
  • If you can, it's good to park the bike indoors or in a garage to avoid rust.
    • Published 2022-12-09