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Work closely with our travelers

Everyone who works in the traffic and in our stores is employed by our partner companies.

Thank you for participating!

On March 22 we hosted a digital event about the future of the industry. We and our partner companies talked about what it means to be a bus- or service driver.

More material from the event will be posted here shortly.

Many of our partner companies provide you with training when you are hired. Curious? You can find all of our partners and which cities they operate in below.

Get in touch

First, choose which industry you want to work in. For example, bus, tram or train. Contact the companies listed below to apply for a job there. You can also take a look at the vehicles driving in your locality – they are marked with the name of the company driving. Do not hesitate to contact them directly.

Bergkvarabuss AB

Operating in: Borås, Gothenburg, Mark, Orust, Svenljunga, Tranemo


Operating in: Alingsås, Ed, Kungälv, Lilla Edet, Lysekil, Mellerud, Munkedal, Mölndal, Skövde, Stenungsund, Töreboda, Uddevalla, Ulricehamn, Vårgårda, Öckerö

Ellös Buss AB

Operating in: Borås, Gothenburg, Kungälv, Stenungsund

K-E's Bussar

Operating in: Kungsbacka

Keolis Sverige AB

Operating in: Borås, Gothenburg, Mölndal, Partille

Vy Buss AB

Operating in: Alingsås, Bengtsfors, Borås, Dals-Ed, Färgelanda, Gothenburg, Lerum, Mellerud, Munkedal, Strömstad, Tanumshede, Trollhättan, Uddevalla, Vänersborg, Åmål

Nobina Sverige AB

Operating in: Ale, Bollebygd, Borås, Falköping, Gullspång, Gothenburg, Götene, Karlsborg, Kinna, Kungälv, Hjo, Lidköping, Lilla Edet, Mariestad, Skara, Skövde, Tibro, Tidaholm, Trollhättan, Töreboda, Vara, Vänersborg

Transdev AB

Operating in: Gothenburg, Härryda, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Lerum, Mölndal, Partille

Dyngö Sjötaxi

Operates in: Tanum (Fjällbacka)

Gunnars Båtturer & Charter

Operates in: Lysekil, Tjörn (Dyrön)

Koster Marin AB

Operates in: Strömstad (Kosteröarna)

Käringötrafiken AB

Operates in: Orust


Operates in: Göteborg (Southern peninsula)

Tjörns hamnar

Operates in: Tjörn (Åstol)

Öckerö municipality

Operates in: Öckerö

Service trips is our term for various trips and are part of our pre-ordered public transportation. Examples of service trips are transport service, medical trips, school trips and local services (närtrafik).

The municipalities listed below are home areas for these companies. All service vehicles drive throughout the entire region and even outside depending on how the trips are planned, but they always start from and return to their home area.

Billinge Taxi

Based in: Hjo, Karlsborg, Lysekil, Munkedal, Skövde, Sotenäs, Strömstad, Tanum, Tibro

Cabonline Region AB

Based in: Gothenburg, Härryda, Lerum, Mölndal, Partille, Öckerö

Göteborgs Buss AB

Based in: Gothenburg, Härryda, Lerum, Mölndal, Partille, Uddevalla

Majvillan Transport AB

Based in: Ale, Bengtsfors, Bollebygd, Borås, Dals-Ed, Färgelanda, Kungälv, Lysekil, Mark, Mellerud, Munkedal, Sotenäs, Strömstad, Svenljunga, Tanum, Tranemo, Ulricehamn, Åmål

Sparlunds Bus and Taxi i Grästorp AB

Based in: Essunga, Grästorp, Lilla Edet, Orust, Stenungsund, Tjörn, Trollhättan, Vara, Vänersborg

Taxi Alingsås AB

Based in: Alingsås, Herrljunga, Vårgårda

Taxi Ulricehamn

Based in: Bollebygd, Borås, Mark, Svenljunga, Tranemo, Ulricehamn

Taxi Gothenburg ek.for.

Based in: Gothenburg

Taxi Trollhättan AB

Based in: Lilla Edet, Trollhättan, Uddevalla, Vänersborg

Willbos Taxi AB (part of group with Taxi Falköping)

Based in: Falköping, Gullspång, Hjo, Karlsborg, Mariestad, Skövde, Tibro, Tidaholm, Töreboda

Väner Taxi AB (part of the group with Taxi Lidköping)

Based in: Götene, Lidköping, Skara

Samres AB (Customer and Travel Service)

Receives bookings, plans and allocates service trips. The business is located in Skövde, Chisinau (Moldova) and Dakar (Senegal).

Göteborgs Spårvägar AB

Operates in: Gothenburg, Mölndal

SJ Götalandståg AB

Operates from: Borås, Falköping, Gothenburg, Lidköping, Nässjö, Uddevalla