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Frequently asked questions

On February 22, a decision will be made on the feasibility study carried out for bus traffic in Lerum. After that, procurement of the new traffic will begin, which will start in the summer of 2027. We are investing in increased train traffic to and from Gothenburg and increased bus services within Lerum municipality during daytime, evenings and weekends.

The bus service will be adapted for changing to trains at the major stations of Floda and Lerum, and to the stations of Stenkullen and Aspen. There will also be significantly more evening and weekend departures.

The plans for bus services include:

  • Traffic to train stations instead of buses to Gothenburg.
  • More bus services that connect to the train.
  • Changes to the timetable for better travel opportunities to schools and larger workplaces.
  • Changes to the timetable to improve travel opportunities for leisure and service trips.
  • More evening and weekend departures.

Direct buses were introduced because the need to travel to Gothenburg is greater than the capacity of today's train services. With more and faster train departures, there is no longer a need for direct buses. The decision is also a question of prioritisation, where we need to use our common resources in a wise and sustainable way. 

In terms of time, we expect it to be the same or shorter travel time to Gothenburg, even with a change included. Those currently travelling with Lerumsnabben will have more travel options when the trains to Gothenburg start running every ten minutes. 

From Hulan, travellers to Gothenburg will be directed to trains from Aspen, twice an hour. In the morning and afternoon, the train will be supplemented by a bus twice an hour to provide a quarter-hourly service from Hulan to Gothenburg. Travellers can also go to Lerum station, which has six departures per hour to Gothenburg.

No, most buses will continue to run the same routes. The change means that more buses will run to the trains, instead of all the way to Gothenburg. New line 524 will run from Gråbo to Lerum in the morning and afternoon. On the same route, line 525 will continue to run as usual with the same services as today.

Our ambition when we review bus services is to improve travel opportunities. We are planning to significantly increase train traffic on Västra stambanan. Instead of one train every half hour, there will be up to six departures per hour from Lerum and Floda stations.

Line 526 and 527, which mainly run school traffic through Aggetorp and Tolsjöhult, will be withdrawn. We will, however, offer local traffic, but the municipality may need to supplement with school transport.

Frequently asked questions

The West Link Projekct makes it possible for us to run more trains, as the capacity of the train system increases. In order to increase traffic on Västra stambanan, which is currently heavily congested, commuter trains need to run faster. After carefully studying the alternatives, the plan is for the trains to stop stopping at Sävenäs station and Aspedalen station, where we believe it would have the least impact on our travellers.

Aspedalen station will be closed in 2028 due to its proximity to Lerum station. Those travelling from Aspedalen station will in future travel from Lerum station or Aspen station. Trains will depart every ten minutes, instead of every half hour as today.