Here you will find the answers to the most common questions about the Västtrafik To Go app. 

Questions about Västtrafik To Go

A ticket must be readable in order to be valid.

If your battery runs out during your journey and there is a ticket inspection, our inspectors can lend you a charger. Train conductors and drivers do not have any chargers they can lend.

We are working to enable you to charge your phone on board our vehicles. There are USB sockets on most trains and on all new buses. 

You can retrieve your period ticket if you lose your phone if you have registered it in the app. To retrieve your ticket, you must have been logged in to the app on the phone you lost. Transfer the ticket to your new phone by logging in to the app on it.

There is a limit to the number of times you can transfer tickets to a new phone in any 30-day period.

You cannot block tickets yourself, but customer service can help you to block your account on the phone if it has been stolen, for example.

If you make four purchases of single tickets for seven days you will get bonuses that you can use the next time you buy a ticket.

Here's how it works:

  • You must be logged into the app to be able to get refunds.
  • You get 20 percent bonuses when you purchase one-way tickets in the app on four separate occasions in seven days.
  • Refund will be saved in your cash so that you can use the money the next time you buy a ticket.


The seven days is calculated from your first purchase. If you buy your first single ticket on a Wednesday, you have until next Tuesday to make four purchases to get cashback. If you make fewer than four purchases under your seven days begins a new seven-day period at your next purchase after that.

If you buy two, three or four tickets at the same time it counts only as one purchase.

You cannot withdraw money from the wallet in the app or add money to it. The money in the wallet can only be used to buy tickets in the app.

If the app will not open, you can start by turning your phone off and on again, relaunching the app and checking your Internet connection.

Our ticket inspectors are kept informed about any technical problems that may prevent Västtrafik To Go from working.

If your purchase does not go through, you need to check your Internet connection and that you have enabled online purchasing for your bank card. If you are a Nordea customer, you need to log in to your online banking service and enable online purchasing for your card every time you buy a period ticket in our app.

No, there is no cooling-off period or right of exchange in Västtrafik To Go.

To use the app, you need to have operating system IOS version 8.1 or later for Iphone or operating system version 4.1 or later for Android. This means that your app works with most smart phones sold after 2013.

No, the tickets you buy in the app has no connection to your Västtrafik card and vice versa. It is not possible to transfer a period card or other tickets on Västtrafik card into a digital period ticket or vice versa.

If you have registered your period ticket in the app, you can lend it to someone else.

How it works:

  • The app generates a text message that you send to the person borrowing the ticket. The person borrowing the ticket must have the app installed on their phone. 
  • Once they have received the ticket, they can use it until 4 am.
  • The ticket will return to you automatically at 4 am.
  • You can lend out your ticket any number of times, but to a maximum of five different phones per ticket.

Show the ticket to the ticket inspector, driver or train conductor when you are travelling. You do not need to hold the ticket against a card reader.

You choose between credit card or Swish.

  • If you select credit card, you have the option to save your card number in the app to allow you to quickly buy tickets next time.
  • Swish is a great option for those who can not/want to pay by credit card.