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Questions about Västtrafik To Go

Västtrafik's timetables

Search your trip in the Västtrafik To Go app or on vasttrafik.se to get updated times. 

On the vehicles that have readers for mobile tickets , scan your ticket there. 

On those vehicles that do not have readers for mobile tickets, do the following: 

  • Show the ticket to the driver
  • View the ticket to the train host 
  • Show the ticket to the ticket inspector 

Keep in mind that the ticket should be activated before boarding. If there is a ticket inspection on the vehicle, you need to show your ticket to the inspector even if you scanned it in the reader when boarding. 

You choose between credit card or Swish.

  • If you choose a credit card, you have the option to save your card number in the app so it´s quick to buy a ticket next time. You may need to confirm your purchases with Bank ID or 3D Secure.
  • Swish is a good option for those who cannot/do not want to pay by credit card.

If you make four purchases of single tickets over seven days, you will receive a refund that you can use the next time you buy a ticket.

Here's how it works:

  • You must be logged in to the app to receive a refund.
  • You get a 20 percent refund when you buy single tickets in the app on four separate occasions within seven days.
  • The refund will be saved in your cash register so that you can use the money the next time you buy a ticket.

The seven days starts from your first purchase. If you buy your first single ticket on a Wednesday, you have until the next Tuesday to make four purchases to get a refund. If you make fewer than four purchases in your seven days, a new seven-day period starts on your next purchase after that.

If you buy two, three or four tickets at the same time, it still only counts as one purchase.

If you have registered your period ticket in the app, you can lend it.

Here's how it's done:

  • You can share the ticket with a number of apps in your phone such as SMS. The person who is going to borrow the ticket needs to have the app installed on their phone. The lending is valid only when the ticket is visible in the recipient's app.
  • Once the ticket is received, it will be on loan until 04:00 am.
  • The ticket will automatically return to you at 04:00 am.
  • You can lend the ticket unlimited number of times, but to a maximum of five different phones per ticket.  If the recipient is logged in to the app at the time of lending, it can receive the ticket on multiple phones.
  • You can lend period tickets valid for 30, 90 or 365 days.

You can get your period ticket back if you lose your phone if you register it in the app. In order to get your ticket back, you must have been logged in to the app on the phone you lost. To move the ticket to your new phone, sign in to the app on the new phone.

You can move tickets to a new phone at most two times over a 30-day period.

If the app doesn't start, you can start by restarting your phone, restarting the app, and checking that you have internet connection.

Our ticket inspectors receive information if there is any major technical problem that causes Västtrafik To Go to not work. In those cases, a temporary ticket can be activated.

You need to buy a ticket in another way, such as via the driver, from the train host or via a ticket machine if the payment services Swish or our payment service for credit card Swedbank pay have temporary disruptions.

If your purchase does not go through, you need to check that you have internet connection and that you have activated internet purchases for your bank card. If you are a Nordea customer, you must log in to your internet bank and open the card for internet purchases with each season ticket purchase in our app. 

You cannot deposit or withdraw money in your cashier in the app. The bonus can be used the next time you buy a ticket.

You can use the Västtrafik To Go app on iPhone and Android phones. To use the latest version of Västtrafik To Go, you need to have at least version 14 of iOS or version 7.0 for Android. Update your phone to get the best experience of the app.