Apply for representation in case of a change of ownership

If an existing Västtrafik agent makes a change of ownership, there is an opportunity for a new operator to apply for representation for the same premises. Below we describe how to apply for representation and what criteria exist.

How to apply for representation

If your store meets our requirements and is located in one of Västtrafik's priority areas, submit an application to us, and we will start work on an analysis and assessment.

Send your application to:

Information to indicate in the application

  • Store's corporate registration number
  • Store name
  • The full address of the store
  • The store's annual turnover
  • Store opening hours weekdays and weekends
  • Number of employees in the store
  • Contact person with full name and phone number
  • At the request of Västtrafik, registration certificate, F-tax certificate and documents proving the store's turnover must be presented.

Once we have received your application, we will make a business assessment based on a number of criteria and requirements. Even if these are fulfilled, there is no guarantee of continued representation.

Transfer and/or change of ownership

Sales agents may not, without Västtrafik's written approval, transfer the contract to third parties. If sales agents wish to transfer the agreement in the event of a change of ownership in the store, the sales representative must submit a written request for Västtrafik's approval no later than two months before the transfer is intended to take place.

How the application is processed

Each application is unique and an objective assessment is made of Västtrafik's need for a sales agent in the area to which the change of ownership relates. We use a number of criteria in the assessment. In addition, we analyse travel data both in the local area and in the municipality, compile customer requests received, calculate distances to the nearest existing agents and nearest stops, look after your store's annual turnover and number of employees. We are also investigating whether existing agents' sales are affected if a new agent is established in the area. Västtrafik strives to have a good geographical spread, but it is not possible to have unlimited agents, due to costs and restrictions in the number of sales units, which means that we sometimes have to decline. If the assessment shows that a representative is needed in your area, we will start the analysis of your store. We will take a credit report from you and your company. The credit report gives an answer as to what risk class your company has, whether there is a debt balance with the Enforcement Authority, if you or your company have payment notes, and that you are registered for F-tax. The term of the contract is until further notice with 3 months' written notice.

Rejection of the application

If your application is rejected, we will send you a written reply with justification.
Recurring applications: If your store has been rejected and returns with a new application within 12 months without any clear changes, the application will not be processed.

No possibility to appeal

A written response justifying rejection for your store cannot be appealed.

Criteria for Agents


The store must be located either in or in the immediate vicinity of a major stop/station, traffic hub or shopping centre, and be clearly visible from the stop. The store should not be in the immediate vicinity of an existing agent. If there is potential for increased sales or increased travel, exceptions can be made.

Opening hours

In Gothenburg and larger urban areas, the store must be open at least 12 hours per day on weekdays, and at least 6-8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. In other parts of Västra Götaland, the store must be open for at least 9 hours per day on weekdays, and at least 4-6 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sales, skills and training

Agents shall have an annual turnover of Västtrafik's products that exceeds the minimum amount that Västtrafik sets for the city, municipality or route to which the store belongs. It should be easy for customers to pay. The requirement is that the store receives the most common credit and debit cards. Knowledgeable and committed staff are a prerequisite for good service and satisfied customers. Västtrafik provides the training needed to manage our sales equipment and range. Store staff and store representatives should understand and speak Swedish.

Promotional material

Customers must be able to quickly and easily see where they can buy Västtrafik's cards and tickets.

Outdoor profile

It should be clear on the outside that the store is a representative of Västtrafik. Västtrafik provides promotional material.

Indoor profile

Even inside the store, it should be seen that the store is a representative for Västtrafik. Västtrafik provides promotional material. Self-made material for advertising or marketing may only be used in consultation with Västtrafik.

Premises, operations, accessibility and technology

The store should be well maintained, in good order, clean and stylish and have space for Västtrafik's promotional material. The store's operations must be associated with some form of ticket sales, games or similar, so that customers can easily find their way to the store, such as kiosk, convenience store, game store, grocery store with pre-store. Västtrafik is working to increase accessibility for disabled people on public transport. This also applies to our agents, for example, there should be no stairs into the store, and not any narrow aisles inside the store up to the checkout. The store must have access to internet connection for ordering Västtrafik's assortment via the order page on our website, as well as access to a working e-mail address to receive ongoing information from Västtrafik.


The store's finances should be good, stable and well maintained. In credit report (UC), the store must have the lowest risk class 3, have no debt balance with the Enforcement Authority and be registered for F-tax. Where applicable, the store shall be able to provide security for current invoices and other commitments. All agents are credited. Sales of Västtrafik's range are made by invoice less commission compensation. Västtrafik remotely reads the agents' sales units and bills once a week. According to the agreement, payment must be made by direct debit within seven days. In case of non-payment, a reminder is sent, then the case goes on to debt collection. Interest on late payment is based on the date on which payment was due until the date of payment. Reminder fee and collection fee will apply if applicable.

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